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[SCAN+TRANS] JoonRo on Cosmopolitan September Issue

Q: You haven’t seen each other since your appearance on SSK4. How have you guys been doing during the time you did not see each other?

JY: I’ve been busy I couldn’t realize how my days go by. Not only for my music, there are a lot of schedules to keep up such as variety shows, dramas etc. That’s why even though I came to Jeju-do for a short time, I feel like as if I’m on a trip.

RK: I had completed a year of my study and taking advantage of my summer break, I came back to Korea. For now, I’m doing my best performing at live shows and preparing for my next album!

Q: Our concept this time is “Two best friends on a road trip”. Have you guys been to a trip together before?

RK: We’ve never really been somewhere far together before, but we had gone to somewhere near. To be honest, the places we travel to are not important, as long as there is good food, anywhere is ok. Today I also came here with anticipation. I already feel excited with the thought of having barbecued black pig (흑돼지) as dinner.

JY: This is our first time here in Jeju-do. My parents have been setting up a house here in Jeju-do, but I couldn’t visit due to my busy schedules. I thought of coming here once in a while to fish and enjoy myself/relax with Roy.

Q: Filming for this is quite tiring. But seeing you guys joking with each other during the breaks (and not resting haha!), you guys must be really good friends.

JY: Yes, we’re practically best friends who contact each other almost every day. We often visit each other’s house to play soccer games and find good restaurants to go to together. Roy has the same humor code and personality as me, that’s probably why we never argue. Even in today’s photo shoot, we act (play) like we normally used to and film comfortably. 

Q: Is there a cut (for the photo shoot) that leave an impression?

RK: The cut/part where I put head harness on Joon Young and where we’re running around freely on the field. That’s normally how we are in real life. Even with a whole bunch of mosquitoes attacking us, we still won’t feel tired. Haha! It’s almost autumn, why are there still so many mosquitoes? 

Q: Yes, In the blink of an eye autumn’s almost here. Half a year has already passed by. What do you wish to accomplish before the year 2014 ends?

JY: If that’s possible, I hope to release another new song before 2014 ends. I wish to challenge something with a different sound from my previous albums. Of course it has be something in the ‘Rock’ genre. I also want to travel to England and Turkey.

RK: After having a concert last year, I feel that I have made the right choice by being a singer. And realizing that singing itself is happiness. Therefore, I hope to have more concerts in the future. I wish to comfort people through my music and I hope that this little ‘comfort’ will bring them happiness. 

Magazine scans taken from: semmo

Please take out the translation with credits

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Happy birthday to our resident dance machine, sass master, and special sunflower, Seunghyun!!  

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"This is the first time a woman has ever stepped into my bathroom. And talking about my past like this isn’t something that I’m used to doing either. But I feel more comfortable around you now. Because there’s nothing else to hide".

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Title: 「aLIEz」~ TV Size
Artist: SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki

「aLIEz」by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki

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They are just beautiful

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FNC dance party.

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